Chilean River Region Walking Tour Price and you can Dates

Chilean River Region Walking Tour Price and you can Dates

Date 1 Coming and you can Move into San Juan de la Costa

Your own Chilean River District adventure initiate into the Southern Chile’s excellent Lake Area. Pursuing the their coming, you’ll end up obtained during the Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt so you can build our very own ways thru Osorno into the Pacific shore. Shortly after two hours, it is possible to get to the community out-of Bahia Mansa, found in the coastal region of San Juan de la Costa. On route, you are able to look at the group of Maria Huisca – a magnetic master into preservation and you will restoration of Mapuche life. Shortly after supper, Maria takes you thanks to a little tree to demonstrate you the ceremonial webpages the spot where the most important rituals are held.

Big date dos Walk owing to Seaside Woods so you can Huellehue Village

After a satisfying breakfast, it’s time to fabric up your sneakers to have a stunning hike because of dense coastal forests into the community of Huellehue, in which it is possible to spend 2nd two days.

On the way, you can pass through the average indigenous tree regarding Southern area Chile having a remarkable style of vegetation, shrubbery, vines, ferns and you will mosses, also mushrooms, pests, wild birds or other animals! The street prospects alongside indigenous woods, such as the coastal Olivillo, Luma, Tepu and the south beech. A large part ones endemic bush kinds are observed no place else international.

Once a good 20-second vessel journey, you’ll be able to achieve the short community out of Huellelhue towards the financial institutions out-of the brand new river of the identical name. The midst of which Huilliche people try three home as well as the regional school. That have typically a dozen people, this school handles the education of all the students in your community, also those people out-of Caleta Condor.

Time step three Totally free Date within the Huellelhue

Today you get to choose certainly one of individuals products to spend the day near Huellelhue. (more…)

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