Boyfriend Smokes Weed, Can I Compromise With Marijuana Smoker I Love?

He was really happy when he did well at work, but his mood would change when he wasn’t doing well. He would act really irritable with me and we would get into fights when I brought up concerns about the relationship. We would stop talking because of it, then after a week we get together again and my concerns about the relationship would be put on the back burner.

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Every plants and food has to be consumed moderately. Too much sugar leads to diabetes, alcohol is harsh on your liver and smoking tobacco can cause lung problems. Pot , I have observed, has its own special side effects that will be evident in about 20 years time. Noble, perhaps, but self-destructive, it would seem.

Now, however blissful, it’s normal for a relationship to stress you out sometimes, what with the occasional difficult conversations and generally adjusting to another person. The latter may not be quite as vocal about weed, or anything, to be frank, but people around may notice it in the way they smell, act, or look. Either way, if you spend a lot of time with someone who smokes frequently, you sign up to be held to the same standards as them, whatever that is for stoners in your orbit. Unfortunately this is one of the most frequent complaints we get from our readers, where they feel they aren’t a priority for their boyfriend or husband.

We were living check to check and I was doing everything I could to make ends meet. This is when her weed habit started to strain our relationship and life the most. My current boyfriend is one of the most genuine and caring people I will probably ever meet.

She doesn’t require much to be happy.

Everything is better when you’re high, and when you’re lucky enough to get high with somebody you love, there will never be a dull moment. As long as the two of you can smoke on something, you’ll never be bored. The truest discipline isn’t demonstrated by running away from things, or avoiding them entirely, it’s proven through moderation and self-control. As long as you stay grounded with your ambitions, there’s always a time to catch a flight. Charles ‘sets himself 6pm curfew’ before the coronation to ensure he is well…

He told me he rarely got out of bed before 10 in the morning was usually so tired when we would meet that he made excuses for not being talkative or very interested in anything at all. I tried to get him interested in the things I liked thinking it might spark something in him and snap him out of what seemed to me like a long depression. Eventually, he would never suggest anything for us to do together. He wouldn’t contact me for weeks at a time and would never ask how I was or what I was doing like he used to in the past. When I texted him I’d get two or three word answers.

They said they recognize that using substances to cope with problems isn’t physically or mentally healthy for them or their family. Between the two or the possibility that they may have developed an addiction to marijuana. So, the next time you complain about someone’s marijuana habit, and they say it “helps them relax,” there is likely some merit to this comment.”

Studies examining differences in emotion, cognition and memory between people who consume weed heavily and those who don’t find that the differences even out after 28 days. I’m older and wiser than my freshman-year self, and I’ve mastered the art of keeping a full plate while simultaneously being an active, functional pot user. I like to wind down from the workday by sparking a joint with my sweetie or being handed a bong with clean, lavender-fresh water. And while it’s a good idea to reflect on how much cannabis I’m consuming—and more importantly, why I’m consuming it—I know that this wondrous plant will always be a part of my life in some capacity. When I was on hiatus, I definitely saw some benefits, like saving money and being able to fully focus on my classes. There are always valid reasons for wanting to cut back on weed, especially if you’ve developed a high tolerance or dependency.

He has been working overtime at his job to make this happen and every month he shows me his bank statement. After doing all that, I finally found the man of my dreams who wants everything I want – except he’s a smoker. After about 8-9 months my little buds where ready and I then experimented with it for a year.. I hated smoking and didn’t want lung cancer so first tried vaping, I didn’t like it so very quickly ended up with eddibles.. I gave up drinking, I stopped feeling sorry for myself, got another job, bought a house, re connected with my friends and family.

I tried to keep an open mind, thinking who am I to judge if he’s “an addict”? It soon became clear that the inch I gave was the beginnings of the mile he wanted. I want to be a travel nurse, save money, and buy a beautiful house with my loved one. I have been putting my dreams and schooling aside because I’ve been more focused on him and his problems, but I’ve realized that I literally can’t make him do anything.

But I thank you for sharing your story and making people like me, who are part of a similar situation, feel a bit less alone. I actually broke up with him last summer before I left for school because our relationship was unhealthy. He was smoking several times a day most of the time and dealing with his own struggles. But I’m not naive to weed and alcohol, I tried my fair share before accepting that it just simply wasn’t me.

If you drink and go to parties, what’s the problem with smoking and going to parties? Please keep the rules of r/dating_advice in mind while participating here. Even the best boyfriend away from committing to you. But again, someone will dump the smoker. Someone will dump the guy who makes 75K. Someone will not give a chance to the 5’9” guy.

He said I was the one with the problem and because of my already low self-esteem I was willing to go along with him, and kept focussing on trying to fix myself. I realise now the trouble was that I didn’t believe I was special and I didn’t feel special, so in an awful way it made sense to me that he didn’t think I was special either. As he was not willing to see he had any part in our problems, I figured the only way we would be able to stay together was if I changed myself. He was living in Byron Bay at the time, and we met when I went on holiday there. I fell in love with the place and then with him.