Dandelion++: Lightweight cryptocurrency networking with formal anonymity guarantees Princeton University


Note that this is the worst-case scenario since it assumes the adversary controls well-established nodes in the network. In addition, when testing against Diffusion, each adversarial node connects to all reachable peers . Setting To run the simulations we executed nodes in Regtest mode using Docker containers. Each test was run on a network of 100 reachable nodes randomly connected to each other. In each simulation, we had nodes randomly generate transactions during 10 minutes.

  • The Dandelion upgrade was originally designed for Bitcoin, but Monero developers are winning the race to implement it.
  • However, if the adversary controls the selected proxy, she could be able to distinguish a proxied transaction and simply link it to the sender node (i.e., deanonymize it).
  • In particular, two major directions have been explored in relation to deanonymization.
  • These connections allow them to learn about new transactions, propagate them, and send their own.
  • The paper describes five types of attacks, and proposes specific updates to the original Dandelion protocol to mitigate against these, presented in Table A .
  • The following discusses potential relaxations in favour of reduced latency, as well as their impact on anonymity.

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Our experimental results show that the deanonymization precision of the eavesdropper adversary adopting the first-spy estimator is up to 10 times smaller in the best case. We believe our solution can be easily adopted in real cryptocurrency networks and serve as a basis for future advances in the field. In summary, Clover combines the strengths of previous solutions while mitigating their limitations and security risks.

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Of course, combining the solutions above will give even stronger guarantees of privacy and protection against IP tracing. It should also be noted, that DPP does not defend against another form of network tracing attack that can be done with ISPs, but this is beyond the scope of this article. A team of researchers out of Luxembourg, Australia and Hong Kong showed in late 2019 that one could deploy Monero nodes in order to discover all the nodes in the network, and their interconnections. By mapping out the network topology, the malicious node can determine the origin of a transaction and its IP address by deducing which node see the transaction first.

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The https://www.beaxy.com/ p is defined at a global level, and determines the average number of hops through which a transaction is relayed during the proxying phase. When a transaction gets broadcast, it enters the diffusing phase and follows the standard Diffusion protocol. The Bitcoin P2P network is composed of nodes randomly connected among each other.

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XMRWallet also provides a totally open-dandelion++ app that enables third parties to review their code. XMRWallet allows you to use Monero without requiring you to download any software. Best of all, it’s completely free, including importing previous transactions. Create an XMRWallet account now and take advantage of everything it offers.

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The same study that identified some deanonymizing concerns of diffusion broadcasting in Bitcoin also highlights attacks on nodes where they end up rejecting or blacklisting Tor connections. This ETH can lead to deanonymizing transactions and mapping user IP addresses too. Anonymity Graph uses a random 4-regular graph rather than a linear graph for the anonymity phase. The choice of Dandelion++ relays by nodes is independent of whether or not their outbound neighbors support Dandelion++. This would allow a motivated actor to infer with a high degree of probability from which peer transactions originate from, having negative privacy consequences.

Instead, we use the term sender to indicate the node that sends a specific message. In this section, we detail the Clover protocol design and describe the rules followed by network nodes. Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer for the Human Rights Foundation has praised bitcoin , monero and other cryptocurrencies as financial tools for journalists and activists. He wrote a blog post in 2018 titled, “Why Bitcoin Matters for Freedom.” Gladstein’s article describes how Bitcoin protects citizens in countries like Zimbabwe against hyperinflation. He also praises Monero’s privacy-enhancing features, hailing them as a “countering force” against censorship by oppressive regimes in Venezuela, Iran, and North Korea.

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On the other hand, we need to determine the size of the average mixing set for a single node. The node trying to broadcast a transaction seeks out one proxy node to broadcast a transaction to. Next, the proxy node, upon reception of the transaction, broadcasts the transaction in such a way that the flow of information creates a dandelion-like figure. The stem phase is also called the “anonymity phase” and the fluff phase is also called the “spread phase”. Due to technical reasons, we also exclude unreachable nodes in our simulations. Note that this has no relevance for Clover, since we showed in Sect.5 how precision exclusively depends on reachable nodes, but it might slightly affect the results for the Diffusion protocol.

Messages originated in the node (i.e. messages coming from the application layer of our node), are always sent as stem messages. Complement privacy, faster, easier, and uninterrupted transactions with a Monero wallet. You can use your XMR any way you want without risking your privacy and putting yourself in danger.

After an dandelion++ ends, a new one begins and the node chooses another two nodes to connect with. To analyze the anonymity properties of Clover, two important aspects must be studied first. On the one hand, we need to know the probability of selecting an adversarial node as proxy for new transactions.

  • The node trying to broadcast a transaction seeks out one proxy node to broadcast a transaction to.
  • In the following, we review the most relevant works related to network-level deanonymization.
  • A message starts in stem phase, and at some point, transitions to fluff phase.
  • For a common man though, the privacy of these transactions is one of the most enticing features since it keeps their……
  • Dandelion++ is a privacy improvement developed by researchers out of the University of Illinois.

The Waku Relay functionality might be augmented by a future specification, e.g. adding random delays. Monero nodes talk to other nodes when you use your wallet for transactions. Nodes communicate with each other using TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), which is also used every time someone uses the internet on a computer. On a blockchain, communication between nodes allows them to get information about transactions, distribute them throughout the network, and send their own. One possible mitigation for this attack is usage of an overlay network such as Tor or I2P. This makes it so that even if an attacker can deduce a source IP address, it’s probably not the one that made the transaction, but rather the outproxy or exit node of the overlay network.


This is not an all-encompassing solution however, as overlay networks, VPNs, and similar software is banned in many countries, and expecting everyone to use, sync, and propagate on these networks is unrealistic. There needs to be a solution that doesn’t require the usage of external software and networks; one that is available to the common person. Privacy-focused cryptocurrencies such as Monero and Zcoin incorporate blockchain-level anonymity features such as Ring CTs and zero-knowledge proofs to make sure that transactions cannot be traced. However, P2P/overlay network communication also plays a vital role in anonymizing interactions across a blockchain network. Both Monero and Zcoin integrate network layer privacy features such as Tor and I2P, but these features also come with prolonged development and other downsides.

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Over the past few years, Bitcoin has risen to an unprecedented level of popularity. Although many users still believe this system to be anonymous, studies showed how it is relatively easy to link transactions to real identities . Most deanonymization techniques work by tracing transactions on the blockchain and combining them with publicly available knowledge .

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